23 февраля 2022 г.

Geometric theory of optimal control


четверг, 16:45

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Семинар проходит онлайн, в zoom, https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84704253405?pwd=M1dBejE1Rmp5SlUvYThvZzM3UnlvZz09


Ye Zhang
Fudan University


Asymptotics for the heat kernel and related topics in sub-Riemannian geometry on step-two groups

Аннотация доклада: 

In this talk I will present how to obtain the small-time heat kernel asymptotic in the setting of step-two groups, where an explicit formula of the heat kernel in the form of oscillatory integral is known. Consequently, a complete answer to the long-standing Gaveau--Brockett open problem is also provided by the Varadhan's formula. Furthermore, I will show the relation between the heat kernel with the normal geodesics. This talk is based on a joint work with Prof. Hong-Quan Li (Fudan University).